Why Dominican Republic?

Did you know the island's official name is La Española? And that this island was the first permanent European settlement in the Americas?  In Christopher Columbus's navigation diary, he wrote that the natives, called 'Taino', referred to the island as 'Bohio'.  He compared the beauty of the island to the lands of Castilla, which is a region in the heart of Spain.  On December 9th, 1492, Admiral Columbus baptized the island giving the island the name La Española (Hispanola) under Queen Isabel I de Castilla, of Spain.

By 1844, the formation of the country took its shape as a democracy, and Pedro Santana became the first president of Dominican Republic.  By the 1970s the government began devoting its efforts towards tourism.  Since that time, the country has a steady growth of tourists and continued to devote its resources into a strong tourist location.  

Dominican Republic continues to focus on providing tourist with a high quality experience and contains some of the most beautiful resorts and beaches in the world.  Punta Cana, a city located on the Eastern tip of the island, is the main city for the tourist attractions.  With its raw beauty and its impressive development combined, this is an absolute ideal location to be married.

Now that you know a little bit about how the original colonists fell in love with the island over 500 years ago, we promise that you, your significant other, and your guests will also fall in love with this paradise bathed in turquoise waters and white sands, which can be witness when you say, "I do".


Why Arenas Del Mar?

Arenas Del Mar is a family business co-owned by two sister, Maria and Elida.

Now the children have grown enough that these two are ready to get back into their passion of designing weddings.  With the personal experience of having their own destination wedding, the sisters began to understand a different aspect and fears of having a wedding in a completely new place.  With this new insight, they quickly formed a way to help ease the fears and created a full team to plan all aspects of what it takes to make a custom wedding possible here in Punta Cana.  

Arenas Del Mar has the experience and flexibility to create a destination wedding or event tailored to your specific requirements.  Every wedding is treated as if it was our own, and our main goal is giving the bride, groom, and guests an event that leaves everyone in awe.  We offer a whole array of services to make the destination unforgettable. We offer entertainment and accommodations for everyone and transportation, to and from, wherever someone would like to go.  We offer meetings whether in the Dominican Republic or the United States.  It is a true joy working with every client we get the opportunity work with.