Your wedding day is a day of the upmost importance where you and your significant other are connecting your lives in the highest form. We fully understand how important it is to make things special and unique to keep this day a memorable moment. We also know that getting the specifics can get hectic without the help of a wedding professional. 

Please rest assured that we have designed a step by step process to help guide you to build a unique wedding.  We start from scratch, and create up a wedding tailored to your personalized designs and then adapt our designs to show that particular style of each couple. We have a passion for designing luxurious weddings and would love to offer you our expertise, guidance and direct assistance through your journey. 

I was a bride too and I also had a destination wedding, that is why we perfectly understand the doubts and nerves that go through your head today, but we are here to help you leave uncertainties aside and enjoy the design of your special moment.  We will make your wedding a wonderful moment that is not only on your special day,  but also throughout the course of the design through the planning of your authentic wedding.  

We strive to make each wedding the most excellent wedding it can be. It is the best feeling to be a part of this experience and to be able to assist you in making it happen gives us true joy. We take all our weddings professionally, and know how important this is to you and your loved ones.

We encourage you to have a personalized destination wedding, which takes you and your partner on a journey and shows a personal stamp of both of you.  Come with a bridal dress, a suit and your loved ones, because we will take care of everything else.  Having a destination wedding in Punta Cana is one of the most amazing gifts you can receive, so treat yourself to the best, because this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. 

This is a video of my destination wedding in Castilla - La Mancha, Spain.